Hi! My name is Kristopher Jordy, I am a full stack web developer with skills ranging from PHP and MySQL to HTML and CSS.  I am a ServiceNow Certified System Administrator, with experience developing for the platform in JavaScript and Jelly, and building catalogs with advanced scripting and workflows. I’m comfortable with back-end web development, and love doing integrations between systems. (Via REST API for example.)  You can get more details on me via the about page, and I have some examples of my work on the Portfolio page.

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Want to know a little more about me?  Let me tell you what I’ve done, what I can do for you, and explain some of my nuances along the way.

I started learning development and system administration on the ServiceNow platform in 2016, and have been actively managing forms, catalogs, and workflow, along with end-user assets in the CMDB, and various other functions and integrations within the system including extensive use of the REST API.

I also do “back-end” web development.  What does this mean, you ask?  Call it coding, programming, or development; whatever makes sense to you…  I make the things do the stuff, I don’t design how it looks.  In other words, I make the magic happen, but not so much on the pretty

When you hear the term “web developer” most people instantly think of designing or developing web sites.  All of the HTML and SEO, maybe some Javascript thrown in for good measure.  With great graphics and style, usability testing, font kerning, and wait, what the heck is kerning?

Using the PHP programming language for server-side scripting, Javascript for client-side scripts, and various other technologies including MySQL databases, API (Application Programming Interface) functions, and anything else available to me, I love finding ways to make things do stuff.

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Whether in ServiceNow or web development, the work I do is usually on the back-end, meaning I use the platform capabilities, development tools, and web based technologies to do stuff not just make stuff. I let someone else deal with making it look pretty on the front-end.  Don’t let this pretty website fool you, I can make pretty happen if I need to with the tools and tech (AKA themes, examples, stock photos, and the like) that’s available but I prefer to spend my time coding and developing.  You know, the fun stuff!

Want to utilize the API and other back-end technologies available in all the tools you’ve invested in so you can bring your organization closer to a single ecosystem that works together rather than a handful of disparate portals and console for your employees to trudge around in separately?  I can help you with that!

Along with ServiceNow administration and development, I have a 15+ year background in PHP, MySQL, and more recently with Javascript, along with JSON and XML.  My passion is in doing integrations.  If your technology has a way to communicate with other technology, even if it’s just by way of sharing or simply exporting data, I would love to find ways to make it more useful using those capabilities rather than forcing you to manage your data and tools in individual silos.

I often use highly technical terms such as things and stuff, but don’t let that scare you; it’s a fun world I live in, and even though you may not be familiar with it, you’ll appreciate what it can do for you!

If you want to see some examples of the things I’ve made that do stuff, check out my portfolio.


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