Project: Alternate Number

I created and ran a service called “Alternate Number” for about 2 years (no longer in existence) that offered a “second line” phone number service to forward incoming calls to a single or multiple numbers, or just go to voicemail and email the recording. Also provided outbound “calling card” type service allowing calls to be placed from the customers Alternate Number, masking their real phone number.

This was more of a learning project than a business and I later decided I didn’t really have time to market and manage a second business I closed it.  The remaining services were migrated to SSA Host but new phone services are not offered to the public.  A few accounts are still there, providing billing and customer access to manage their phone numbers, services, and reports.

  • Made using the WHMCS billing and automation platform with Asterisk open source VoIP PBX and Vitelity for SIP origination and termination.
  • Client control panel module built for WHMCS to manage phone numbers and settings, view CDR reports, etc.
  • Admin module to generate invoices based on usage and manage user accounts.
  • Real-time settings updated in, and report data collected from Asterisk PBX.