Project: City of Austell, Ga

I did two projects for the City of Austell, Georgia.  To see some screenshots of them both, click here.

Both of these projects were hosted external to their existing .gov website but the public view had to retain the same theme of the existing site which was accomplished by using a “template” page on their website with placeholders for the data that my scripts would fill in. This allowed their web team to alter the layout or design of the page or the entire site and the external content I provided would reflect those changes without any additional work.

The first project was a searchable Residential Collection Schedule database that allowed citizens to search by their address or subdivision to get leaf and limb collection days. It later expanded to include sanitation and recycling collection days as well.

The second project was the Vacant and Foreclosure Property Registry which allowed property owners, banks, and realtors to register their vacant and foreclosed properties with the city via online portal instead of mailing paper forms and allowed city staff to manage the verification, approval, and billing for those listings as well as enter any manual registrations that were mailed in so that there was a central registry.

You can see some screenshots of both projects below: