Project: Memorial Hermann Healthcare System

I have worked for Memorial Hermann Healthcare System since March of 2005, as both a junior and senior field support technician then transitioned into Lifecycle Management as their end-user hardware asset analyst and have been developing tools and integrations for Lifecycle Management since February, 2012. Initially working with the BMC Remedy ITSM solution, and migrated to ServiceNow in October, 2016. I received my System Administrator certification in January, 2017.

Remedy Integrations

  • Asset Management interface. Show More
    I built a custom interface outside of the Remedy platform that integrated via SQL and the Remedy email API in order to provide a custom interface and combine data from the asset record in Remedy with multiple external data sources not stored in the CMDB, as well as easily provision and manage permissions, logging, and audits.  Access to the asset form within Remedy was restricted to read-only, all modifications to asset records were performed by this external tool.
  • Asset tag printing interface. Show More
    Users could request an asset tag (re)print via this tool, allowing field support to request replacements for worn or missing labels, and warehouse could print tags for new devices.  There were only a handful of label printers and multiple locations around town, so requests for remote users would also generate a Work Order to have the labels delivered on the next scheduled truck to their site.
  • Customized ticket printouts. Show More
    We needed a customized printout for both Incident and Work Order tickets to not only show additional/specific details about the ticket, but also provide barcodes that could be used to scan the ticket number or asset records related to a ticket.  A print button on the forms within Remedy linked to the external tool I created, which pulled the details for each ticket directly from Remedy via MSSQL and generated a PDF which would automatically print by default, or the user could cancel the print dialog to save the PDF locally for storage or to send via email, etc.

ServiceNow Integrations

  • Asset tag printing interface. Show More
  • Bulk asset update tool. Show More
  • External asset creation interface. Show More
    Provide an easy to follow step-by-step form for warehouse staff to create new asset records as needed. Imports from vendor emails also loaded automatically into asset database. In each case, all prerequisites are verified and created as needed automatically:  Vendor records, Model records, CI relationships, etc.

ServiceNow Development

  • Asset tag printing requests. Show More
  • Retrieved asset inventory log. Show More


  • Combined Data Reporting. Show More
  • End Point Management dashboards. Show More