Project: SSA Host

For the last 18+ years I’ve run and managed my own web and email servers. This started out as a hobby for learning new things and hosting personal sites. Around February 2000, I began hosting sites for friends, family, and consulting clients of mine. In 2005, I started offering services to the public under the name SSA Host.

For billing, account provisioning, service automation, and customer support, I use WHMCS (Hailed as “The World’s Leading Web Hosting Automation Platform“) and most of my business is now run on leased servers from Limestone Networks.  Below are just a few examples of integrating these services and others to add value to the services I offer, and convenience to myself and my customers.

Highlighted Projects:

  • I built a WHMCS module that interfaces with the Limestone Networks API to provide a dedicated server control panel for customers to manage their server: Reboot, enable/disable network ports, view bandwidth usage, etc.
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  • Using the WHMCS Ticket API and the Twilio SMS API, I built a custom interface between text messages and support tickets to allow customers the ability to open and respond to tickets via text message.  Staff can respond to messages in the same familiar support ticket interface used to handle email based inquiries.
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  • Using the CDYNE SMS Notify API (before I started working with Twilio) I created a simple script to send text message alerts to staff when there are tickets or new orders in WHMCS that need attention.  Allowing customers to get a faster response to their inquiry without having to stare at the screen waiting for something new to come in.  I intended to update this to use Twilio, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.  You know, if it’s not broken…